More FRB

More Flame Retardant Bears! Just release a single, Unplanned Roadtrip which is making its way round the music streaming sites as I type. Hear it here on Spotify

Driving Up To Louisville

Well, we got the recording and mixing done so finally got round to releasing the Flame Retardant Bears' ten track album Driving Up To Louisville. Rather pleased with it.

Valentines Day, Pancakes and Other News

Currently working hard on recording and mixing the next Flame Retardant Bears album, hopefully that should be out in March. In other news, Admiral Harp Duo, saxophonist Hulting-Cohen and harpist Jennifer R. Ellis, played my piece Back on the Rack in December in Amherst, Massachusetts. Back on the Rack is a piece for alto sax, harp and ambient electronic accompaniment. Also in December, Contemporary Columbus arts collective performed my setting of Thomas Campion’s poem “Now Winter Nights Enlarge” for Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, Viola and Piano at Wild Goose Creative in Columbus, OH.

Spaced Out

I've released a couple of space related pieces, first is a single 'Music from the Outer Solar System' which is a piece for piano and electronics. The second is 'Minor Planets' - an album of 14 tracks all recorded on location in Sheriff Hutton on a 1901 Blüthner grand piano. Many thanks to Sarah, Steve and more importantly Matt (whose piano it is). Both available on CD Baby and all major distribution sites, e.g. Spotify, iTunes etc.

Flame Retardant Bears

Well, finally the Flame Retardant Bears EP is out. The project which started out of a series of band name jokes over a curry has finally got published. With vocals by Andrew Close, the EP can be heard on Spotify here. In other news, my setting of 'Now Winter Nights Enlarge' (Thomas Campion, 1567 - 1620) for Viola, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor/Baritone, and Piano has been chosen for performance at Contemporary Columbus Wild Goose Creative on December 17, 2017.