Spaced Out

I've released a couple of space related pieces, first is a single 'Music from the Outer Solar System' which is a piece for piano and electronics. The second is an album of 14 tracks all recorded on location in Sheriff Hutton on a 1901 Blüthner grand piano. Many thanks to Sarah, Steve and more importantly Matt (whose piano it is). Both available on CD Baby and all major distribution sites, e.g. Spotify, iTunes etc.

Flame Retardant Bears

Well, finally the Flame Retardant Bears EP is out. The project which started out of a series of band name jokes over a curry has finally got published. With vocals by Andrew Close, the EP can be heard on Spotify here. In other news, my setting of 'Now Winter Nights Enlarge' (Thomas Campion, 1567 - 1620) for Viola, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor/Baritone, and Piano has been chosen for performance at Contemporary Columbus Wild Goose Creative on December 17, 2017.

Summer - What Summer?

Well, it seems we're still waiting for summer too - it has rained pretty consistently over the summer months. In other news, I've been working some more with Graeme recording more keyboard for Locomotive Rhythm and writing more stuff including chamber music and organ recital.

I joined Andy Sheppard's Sax Massive which opened the Piece Hall in Halifax on Friday 18th August and that was fantastic fun and seemed to go down well - not played sax for a long while so that was heavy on the old chops.

I've got a new project on the go with '
Flame Retardant Bears' and have a few tracks recorded, just working on the vocals with the help of Andrew Close. We hope to have an EP released very soon.

April - Brrrr

Brrr what happened to Spring? It's got so cold lately. Latest news is that my piece "West Point" is one of three that have been chosen to be premiered by the West Point Band on the 2:00pm, May 21, 2017 “Armed Forces Day” concert at the Eisenhower Hall Theatre at West Point, New York as part of Celebrating 200 Years of The West Point Band. Also, there's video of a lovely performance of my piece "Roulade" by Third Wheel Trio on YouTube

Also, I'm playing keyboards in Locomotive Rhythm which is performing at the Darlington Jazz Festival at the Friends Meeting House on Sunday 30th April at 2pm. The final piece will be with the Vocal Collective, a local community choir, performing Hopetown - a piece I wrote with Graeme Robinson as part of the Locomotive Rhythm project.

Spring Update

Well, the last couple of days have felt like spring at least. The teaching is still going strong even if the open sim isn't - I'm having technical difficulties keeping the region on the grid. That's computers for you. In other news, the @locomotivrhythm project got some great publicity on Bob Fischer's BBC Introducing show on BBC Tees local radio on March 11th where we played 4 live tracks and Graeme was interviewed at various times during the show. I'm still writing alongside everything else: my piece "Roulade" is being performed by the Third Wheel Trio at the Brand Library & Arts Center, 1601 W. Mountain Avenue, Glendale, California, 2:00PM, March 25, 2017 as part of the Brand Associates Music Series.