April 2013

14 Piano Pieces

30 Apr 2013: Rachel Low's pieces have turned into a set of 14. I'm aiming at producing them in print in a book, perhaps with the photos separately or intermingled, not sure yet. We're also looking for some exhibition space to put the photos plus scores plus sounds into an installation - any ideas, please email me at info@secretperdu.com I've nearly finished the set, just a couple to go... all the finished ones so far are on SoundCloud.

Fallen, Frozen

The recording of Dr Liana Valente's performance of "Fallen, Frozen" is available at : 15 Minutes of Fame - I'm really pleased with the result. She's performing it in Washington in April, and New York in November (details on the voxnovus page). "Woodland" is finished, as is the piece for Rachel, which turned into a piano solo in three parts: "red - admiral - flow". I've just finished a piece "Alchemists" for a boys choir (for American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) of Minnesota). I think the US grades 7-8 are equivalent to our years 7-8 so I've had to take cambiata voices into account. I seem to be writing a lot of vocal music at the moment.