April 2014

The Grand Departs

It's been a piano heavy couple of months. I was given a piano a few weeks ago, so I'm now able to pick up all the piano music I abandoned decades ago. I was lucky to be able to play in the Grand Departs - a team of 18 cyclists pulling a grand piano up Cragg Vale, the longest continuous hill in England, theres a small snippet on You Tube (link below). I also spent a wonderful weekend at the Hebden Bridge Piano Festival, fantastic concerts, great impromptu playing and good food. I've recently finished "Ether", an electroacoustic piece with audio media, flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, piano and accordion. I'm currently musing over an installation planned later in the year which will involve audio, possibly interactive, and video on a vague transport or movement theme. It may incorporate electric 'cello, not sure yet. The ambient soundbox project proved too onerous to keep live, however I'm planning to incorporate it into an OpenSim region I'm designing. Pop into the Borderlands region on Craft World when your avatar has a spare minute or too.