June 2013

Machine Head

A lot has happened this month. I've produced two pieces with audio media background tracks; "Underwater", a piece for soprano, clarinet, oboe, trumpet and media, and "Machine Head" for brass quintet and media. This is my first venture with brass, and this family of instruments seems very complicated to me. I've also started a number of orchestral works, including one for the Yorkshire Late Starters Strings - I'm usually a member, although I'm having a term off at the moment. Trinity College are looking for piano pieces for their 2015 syllabus, so I'm hoping they're interested in my set of 14 piano pieces. The Livas Clarinet Quartet are workshopping my piece "Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm" in July, so I'll be travelling down to Bristol to see them and help with the piece. So, lots of ideas and things up in the air at the moment.