October 2014

A Musing on BACH

4 Oct 2014: Well, here we are in October and I seem to have skipped a few months. I've been busy with the brass band, played a few gigs and a competition, and toying with the possibility of moving to euphonium which adds the complication of an additional valve and a larger range. The band has rehearsed my first piece for them, 'Water Hill Stomp' although it came to grief a bit with 7/8! My solo cello piece 'A Musing on BACH' was performed by Maksim Velichkin in Glendale, California and the video of the concert of the Nautilus Brass Quintet has made it onto the YouTube COMPOSERSVOICEVIDEO channel. Also recently completed are a few more ambient works, including a couple of pieces which use Apple mac speech; one includes cello - 'A Deadly Rose', the other the Dylan Thomas poem 'And death shall have no dominion'. I've also made a film of Hardcastle Crags with ambient soundtrack, again on YouTube (see the playlist in Media).