June 2023 :
  • saxxx : a 60 second piece written for and included in the 60x60 (2023) Slippery Rock Mix, with performances at SRU Dance Department, Dance Studio Theater in Stoner West, Slippery Rock, PA 16057.
January 2023 :
  • Tall Ships : an album of six ambient electronic pieces inspired by the sea. Released on cd baby, Apple Music, Spotify and all the major streaming/download sites.
May 2021 :
  • Songs for the Workshop : an album of four tracks written as a birthday present for my friend Steve Page to listen to in his sculpting workshop. Released on cd baby, Apple Music, Spotify and all the major streaming/download sites.
January 2021 :
  • Detroit : an album of tracks inspired by historic locations around Detroit. Released on cd baby, Apple Music, Spotify and all the major streaming/download sites.
April 2020 :
  • Beauty and the Beast : a piece commissioned by Hebden Bridge Piano Festival for their 2020 festival, the performance was postponed due to covid-19. A journey through industrial history, a sneaky peek inside obsolete and derelict mills, factories, power and chemical plants, tracing the steps from primitive industry to modern industrial plant and then to its demise. The piece is a kaleidoscopic trippy montage of images, sounds and live and processed piano in eight movements. The last movement gives an example of how repurposing industrial and urban sites can provide hope for the future and demonstrates how beautiful things can grow from the desolation of our industrial heritage. Due to Covid delays, performance is planned for September 2022.
January 2019 :
  • From the Affectionate Shepherd : a setting of Richard Barnfield's text written for Komos - Coro Gay di Bologna.
September 2018 :
  • Hauntings : Continuing the series of antique Blüthner pianos, this is another piano recorded for an album of ambient jazz tracks themed on haunted sites in the UK. Released on cd baby, Apple Music, Spotify and all the major streaming/download sites.
November 2017 :
  • Minor Planets : an album of solo piano improvisations themed on asteroids or minor planets. Recorded on an antique Blüthner grand piano. Released on cd baby, Apple Music, Spotify and all the major streaming/download sites.
October 2017 :
  • Now Winter Nights Enlarge : a setting of Thomas Campion's poem written for and performed by Contemporary Columbus
May 2017 :
  • Back on the Rack : for alto sax, harp and tape written for and performed by Admiral Launch Duo
December 2016 :
  • Roulade : trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon, written for and performed by the Third Wheel Trio
  • West Point : written for the 200 year celebrations of The West Point Band and performed at May 21st Armed Forces Day Concert at the Eisenhower Hall Theatre, West Point, New York
March 2016 :
  • Entropy : Piano trio written for the Portland Chamber Music Festival
  • A Loose Canon : for the National Composers' Competition, a short piece for Northumbrian pipes, Scottish lever harp, accordion and cello, written for and performed by Kathryn Tickell and The Side
February 2016 :
  • Pathways : an electronic piece which has been programmed for the Swiss Contemporary Music Festival May 2016
  • Contemplation : for violin and piano, written for and performed by Annelie Gregory on June 18, 2016 on the Brand Associates Music Series at the Brand Library & Art Center in Glendale California
  • An Easter Song : a piece for two octave handbells, written for and performed by Windy Valley Ringers of Ellensburg First United Methodist Church (WA)
  • Tarot : a piece with sections improvised on dealing the Tarot, for alto sax, electric guitar, percussion, written for NOX
  • Dust of Departed Planets : for soprano, mezzo, tenor, baritone, cello and piano, written for Random Access Music
  • Rondo all Kurta : a noisy trio for clarinet, violin and cello, written for the Red Note ensemble
January 2016 :
  • The Planets are Weeping : for trombone and fixed media, written for the Open Circuit Festival 2016
  • Mike's Mystical Malagueña : for trumpet and piano, fixed media, written for Mike Brest
December 2015 :
  • Soundtrack : ten ambient tracks, written originally for role playing games, rearranged and released under the Secret Perdu label
  • Coincidence : an open score in three parts written for Leeds CoMA group
  • Descent : a short piece for string quartet
November 2015 :
  • Sonnett 144 : Shakespeare's Sonnet 'Two loves I have of comfort and despair' set for choir and brass quintet, written for JAM call for scores
  • Motifs : a brass trio written for FACE THE MUSIC call for scores
October 2015 :
  • Glacier : trio written for the Juice Vocal Ensemble
  • karesansui : for guitar and piano, written for mimi duo
  • Capricorn : for the Caprice Saxophone Quartet
September 2015 :
  • Elemental Chanter : a short piece for the Lindsay System Smallpipes Chanter competition
  • In the Fishery of Souls : a SATB (with organ) setting of Stella Davis's text for Harvest of the Sea 2015, St Mary-at-Hill
  • Black Mountains : a study in the Madhuvanti scale for brass quintet
  • Viola Trance : solo oboe and audio media for Sakari Dixon
August 2015 :
  • Alien : solo oboe and audio media for Inner sOUndscapes
  • DNA : a study in raga Jog for two trumpets and audio media for Trumpet Festival of the Southeast
July 2015 :
  • I See Faces in Everything : winning entry for Yorkshire Late Starters Strings New Music Commission
  • Love Is Enough : a setting of the text of William Morris for SATB voices
May 2015 :
  • White River Blue Note : a trombone octet written for the 2015 Third Coast Trombone Retreat
  • Sympathetic and Devotional Attitude of Death : clarinet, tenor sax, violin, cello, piano and drum set written for New Music Detroit
  • Machine Code : clarinet, flute, violin, cello and audio media for MUSICAPOI experiments workshop
  • Kinder : a trio of two flutes and piano for the MAN Trio
  • Optical Pulsar : an ambient electronic work for Musinfo
  • Fifth Dimension : a short piece for The Fourth Wall who are flute, bass trombone and vibraphone
April 2015 :
  • Apsatively Bebopz : a saxophone quartet for the 1st Asia Pacific Saxophone Composition Competition
March 2015 :
  • Soldier's Circle : a sextet of flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola and cello, written for the Buffalo Chamber Players
  • Zoetrope : orchestral piece written for the Bristol Millennium Orchestra
  • Carillonneurs : written for the Verismo Trio - flute, tenor saxophone and piano
  • EVP : an ambient piece constructed from recordings of household motors, piano and vocoder, for the Swiss Contemporary Music Festival
  • The First Dance : for viola and piano, written for the Applause Music Concert Series
February 2015 :
  • Tigh Mor : concerto for two violins and orchestra, written for Sam Houston State University
  • Amsterdam 3 : piece for harpsichord and harmonium/celesta, written for Orgelpark Amsterdam
January 2015 :

  • Piano Trio : (violin, cello and piano) currently submitted anonymously in competition in US
  • Sound in a Vacuum : for solo cello, written for Mirei Iancovici’s ‘A Minute of Silence’ project
  • Gloria : (words and music) for choir, soprano solo and piano, a light-hearted piece inspired by Vivaldi’s Gloria, written for London College of Music Chorus
  • Circumstance : saxophone quartet, written for the 2015 Musica Festival, Conservatoire de Strasbourg
  • A Winter Sunset : (words and music) for choir, written for Khorikos
  • Travellers in a Parallel Universe : string octet, workshopped by the Maggini Quartet and students at the University of St Andrews
  • Wind Quintet : currently submitted anonymously in competition in Mexico City
  • Industrial Requiem : ambient piece for cello and electronics, performed in Hebden Bridge (2014), and at the Lanercost Festival
2014 :
  • Glass Snails and Sea Butterflies : piano solo, written for Hayk Arsenyan
  • And Death Shall Have No Dominion : (words: Dylan Thomas), an ambient piece for electronics and Apple Mac speech, written for the Bangor Dylan Thomas Prize
  • Tau Neutrino : (words and music) piece for baritone saxophone, soprano, mezzo-soprano and baritone voices and piano, written for A Very Small Consortium, University of Wisconsin
  • Coming Out At Night : poem by Rosie Garland set for choir and soprano solo, for Komos International Choral Competition
  • Heyoka : (words and music) piece for baritone voice and bell tree, dedicated to Andrew White
  • Threadneedle Street : quartet, written for the New Thread Saxophone Quartet
  • HFSL3 : brass quintet, performed by the Nautilus Brass Quintet in New York City
  • Ode 34 : (words: Odes of Solomon) set for choir and organ, for the Society of Universal Sacred Music
  • Conjurer : three pieces for solo clarinet, written for Thomas Piercy
  • Narragansett Bay : duet for bass flute and cello, dedicated to Pamela Sklar
  • A Musing on BACH : piece for solo cello, performaned by Maksim Velichkin in Glendale, California
  • A Memory of my Father’s House and Snow Falling Softly : flexible (open) score pieces performed by Leeds CoMA ensemble
  • Ether : electroacoustic piece for flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, accordion and tape, for the Idée Fixe & BeArtive organization
  • A Distant Galaxy : (words: Peter Davidson) for clarinet, bassoon, soprano voice and string trio, written for Paul Mealor and the University of St Andrews
  • A Deadly Rose : (words and music) an ambient piece for cello, electronics and Apple Mac speech, performed in Leeds
  • Electric Cello Quintet : prepared cello studio recording, included in the livingvoid project compilation
  • A Persian Secret : (words and music) for soprano and cello, performed by Courtney Sherman and ‘a very small consortium’ in New York City
2013 :

  • Metamorphosis : orchestral piece for Chamber Orchestra of the Springs, Colorado Springs
  • Colour Theory : generative piece for string orchestra based on performers’ colour choices, workshopped by Emily Howard and Yorkshire Late Starters Orchestra
  • Holy Edmund Revealing Christ : (words: Dean of St Edmundsbury) choir and organ, written for St Edmundsbury Cathedral Choir
  • Of Elves and Fauns : orchestral suite dedicated to Deborah and Peter Wieland, submitted to Arizona Pro Arte Call for Scores
  • We Hold a Splendid Feast Today : (words: Nineteen Old Poems of Eastern Han Dynasty) piece for choir and piano, written for Prima Volta Concert Call
  • How Magicians Collect vertues from the three-fold World : piano solo, written for the Barto Prize, Florida
  • Ishtar : trio for clarinet, violin and piano, written for the Zodiac Trio’s China Tour
  • Of Mystery and Trolls : for solo violin, dedicated to Eva Ingolf
  • A Likely Story : quartet, written for and performed by the H2 Saxophone Quartet in Kansas City
  • Caballero : for solo clarinet, dedicated to Jaview Pérez Garrido
  • Stringdub : duet for violin and viola, dedicated to andPlay
  • Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (The Freezing of Light) : orchestral piece for Opera North, also submitted to NSO, Chicago
  • Alchemists : (words and music) piece for choir and piano, written for The Singers, Minneapolis
  • Half Moon, Full Moon (Stay close to the path) : trio for piano, violin and cello, performed by the Artdesamis Trio at the Herne Hill Festival
  • Gwyn ap Nudd : piece for wind ensemble and tape, written for London New Wind Festival
  • White Horses : electronic audio media, written for Walking Wiltshire’s White Horses project, included in the original installation and now part of the collection at Wiltshire Museum
  • Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm : clarinet quartet with clarinet choir, workshopped and performed by the Livas Clarinet Quartet, Bristol
  • Close, Closer : ambient piece for electronics and Apple Mac speech, for Lisbon Architecture Triennale
  • Route de la Soie : piece for wind band, written for Coups de Vents
  • This Stillness of Night : (words and music) for choir and organ, written for the Society of Universal Sacred Music
  • Like a Tightrope Walker : (words and music) an ambient electronic piece with Apple Mac speech, written for Workers Union Ensemble/LSO Soundhub
  • Fourteen Pieces for Solo Piano : two pieces, Beach and Mist, performed with Leeds CoMA ensemble
  • Precious Metal : piece written for the Adamson Military Band
  • Poltergeist : flexible (open) score for CoMA ensemble (and ghost!)
  • Monsoon : orchestral piece, written for The College Orchestra Director’s Association, US
  • Underwater : (words and music) for soprano voice, clarinet, trumpet and tape, written for Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance
  • Machine Head : brass quintet and tape, written for Cutting Edge Brass
  • Observations Taken At Random : for Pierrot ensemble, for the Los Angeles New Music Ensemble
  • Sequoyah’s Legacy : piano solo, written for Corey Hamm
  • Odysseus : (words and music) piece for soprano voice, clarinet, violin, cello and piano, written for the Chicago Ensemble
  • Fallen, Frozen : (words and music) piece for soprano voice and piano, performed by Dr Liana Valente in Florida, Washington DC, and New York City
  • Hunt Museum : graphical score, written for CoMA Limerick
  • Munjoy Hill : piano trio, written for the Portland Chamber Music Festival
2012 :

  • Alligator Mix : electronic audio media assembled from reconstituted piano samples, included in the 60x60 Pianoforte mix, presented by the PianoForte Foundation and coordinated by Christopher Preissing
  • Convergence : piece for string orchestra, performed by Yorkshire Late Starters Strings Orchestra
2011 :

  • Fractal Landscape : mathematically constructed piece for string orchestra, workshopped by Sally Beamish and Yorkshire Late Starters Strings Orchestra
  • Burial Rites and Haga : ambient electronic albums released on CD Baby and iTunes under the Secret Perdu marque